Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Excursion

Adam's mom, Kathy (or Grandmother) came the week after my mom left, and she was GREAT! She kept our apartment clean, spent some sweet quality time with Caden, cooked, and kept our muscles nice and relaxed with her professional massages. It was such a blessing to have her here!!
Tuesday night Adam and I decided to take Caden on his first outdoor experience, and we thought the driving range would be a good activity to ease him into things. He was pretty impressed with the size of the golf balls, and we took that to be a good sign. I got to hit about 5 balls before he decided that he did NOT like the driving range, so I held him while Adam hit....went to the car to nurse him....and then we decided to call it quits when Caden gave me a spit up bath. All in all, a great first experience. :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On our own

Adam has been such an amazing dad so far and a GREAT help to me!! He's just so cute with Caden, and I can't help taking tons of pictures of the two of them together. Caden is less than enthused sometimes. I think he's bored of the camera already. :) Who is this crazy man, and why am I so close to his face?

This is sort of what his little smiles look like. Dr. Robert assures me it's only gas, but I think they're so sweet!
Caden likes to keep his hands close to his body, and he'll often put them together like this. He looks like such an old man when he sleeps, and this just makes it even better.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another super power!!!

Well, we've been waiting for another super power to manifest itself, and it did!! Caden has the power of inducing labor. Our good friends Luke and Katie came to visit this past Saturday when Katie was only a couple of weeks from her due date!! Little did they know what was going to happen as a result! You see, while Katie was holding Caden, he whispered sweet nothings into her belly, and that night, she went into labor!!!! He may look innocent, but he is plotting at this very moment!! If any of you pregnant women out there are ready to meet your little ones, Caden will whisper to your bellies too.....for a small fee.Here is the soon to be daddy!! Luke and Katie, we're so excited for you guys and can't wait to meet Nora!!! You guys are gonna be GREAT parents!!!!Caden latched onto Adam's finger the other night, and this was just so cute! What you can't see is Caden digging his dagger of a thumb nail into Adam's flesh.

He found his thumb for the first time by himself the other day! You can tell he really didn't want to let it get away...hence the other hand locking it into place!

Ode to Slappy and Cookie

Both of my parents got to come stay with me right after Caden was born, and it made the transition from hospital to home so much easier. I just wanted to say a big thanks to both of them and to tell you both how excited I am that Caden will have you for grandparents!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Another photo shoot...I can't help myself! I realize I am a little out of control with the pictures. I'm sure it'll calm down....right? We're doing great here. Caden is eating and sleeping like a champ, and he's such a good little model right now. We've posed and posed him, and he just takes it. I'm hoping that will continue. We're off of the jaundice light too, so that is GREAT news, and the big old knot on his head is slowly going down. These are Adam's boots, and I thought it was just perfect with his initials at the top.

He's already been pumping iron and wanted you all to notice his bulging bicep

Please, more pictures!

His very own cowboy boots. These were a present from our friend Lindsey Enderby in Taos. He has a Western Novelty store, and he thought Caden just needed his first pair of boots. They're still a bit big.

I'd like you to notice the array of droplets surrounding the hat. Caden decided to try and water the plants with his very own personal fountain. We barely got out of the way!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Coming home and WAY too many've been warned! :)

So, Adam and I figured when Caden came out with such an extremely large head, it could only mean one thing. It HAD to be that way to make way for his extraordinarily large brain. Well, our suspicions were confirmed when the nurse brought him in one night glowing. That's right. Our baby has super powers. We can only wait and see what other super powers he might manifest.Just a couple of cute pictures of Caden in his hospital hat. I know these aren't very different, but I couldn't pick. We're going home!!!! Notice how happy I am! We had to wait for his jaundice light before they would discharge us, but once it got there, we were on our way. My mom and Janelle went out and got this cute little frog outfit cause the one we'd brought was a bit large. Apparently the "newborn" size is for bigger newborns.

Caden is very happy about going home too!
All of the nurses were great, and we were so happy with our experience at Baylor overall! It felt a bit weird to be wheeled out when I felt good enough to walk, but here we are on our way out! I'm pretty excited that the KILLI shirt is back in play.
Some cuddle time with daddy!Okay...the next pictures are from Caden's first photo shoot on the balcony. We let him "air out" and get a little natural sunlight at the same time. His cowboy hat is a bit large right now, but we're pretty sure he'll grow into it someday.