Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cookie's Honduras Visit

Back in January, Ty and Adam went to Honduras with a medical mission's team from Pine Tree, and Cookie came to fill the husband void. She did a FABULOUS job.

We think this look is coming back in style.

Deep conversations over snacks...probably about world peace

Cookie made some good costumes. This is David. Guess who was Goliath....

David slayed (slew?) the mighty Goliath and then took his staff to cut off his head

David was very gentle....

Hooray! Hooray! The Lord has won the battle!

Drayton and Tate got a lot of good cousin time

The infamous Cookie nose wipe...feared by all

This equals complete happiness in Tate land. 2 remotes. What could be better?

First Hair Cut

Back in February, Caden got his first hair cut.....ever. We have some slow growing hair over here...unless it's my facial hair. That's another story. Here's Caden's before. It really did hurt me to cut it, but I guess it was time.

Ms. April did a GREAT job.

A new man and his prize

See...the haircut made him instantly older. Only old men stand like that.

Another happy Jim Trim experience!

cat claw and snow

You may remember sometime, a while back....we got some snow. Now that it is 100 degrees here, I thought we could use a reminder. :)

When we got tired of playing in the snow, these two super heroes could be found fighting crime and flying around the living room. The bad guys were very, VERY intimidated. Who wouldn't.

Our David and Goliath snowmen

And now, for a musical interlude....Enjoy