Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For SALE! :)

Hello Blogland. I am shamelessly using this Blog to sell some stuff. Don't worry...it's a one time thing. :) Here's what you can get:

Mikasa Gothic Platinum China - $40 for a 5 piece place setting (14 available)

This stuff is brand spanking new. I've never used it, and pretty much all of it is in it's original plastic. I'm trying to declutter and simplify, so if I haven't used it, it's going. :)

Wallace Rosepoint Sterling Silver - Various prices

I'm selling this for the same reason. Never used it and probably won't.

Here's my facebook marketplace listing where you can see pictures and prices for the sterling silver. http://apps.facebook.com/marketplace/seller/41576485/?listing_id=2055508044

Hope ya'll are having a great day and sorry for the infomercial. :)