Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nashville Family Shower, 7 month belly, and Our Nursery so far....

My sister Janelle and I drove to Nashville for Spring Break, and it was WONDERFUL! Basically whenever we go home, it is the ultimate in reeeeelaxation. We catch up on all the movies we've missed for, oh, say the past year or so, eat fantastic food, work out, and....well....that's about it. :0) It's GREAT! This trip, my family got together a shower for me, and it was fun to catch up and see all the cute little guy things they picked out. Thanks, guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below is part of the shower group, including cousins, babies of cousins (I'm not sure what exactly that makes them to me.....2nd cousin?) aunts, grandmother, sister, and mom. I really appreciated everyone taking the time to come! :) My aunt Ruth gave us this grrrreat pirate book, and Janelle and I felt the accompanying pose was appropriate. I realise that I look mildly...."special"
Mom, Janelle, and I with a cute hoodie!

This was the view today from above my belly. Nice. Very nice.Here is the belly at 29 weeks. Only 11 weeks to go! Woohoo!
This is what we've done in the "nursery" so far.....basically nothing. :) We got our crib about a week ago, and that was very exciting. It was closely followed by the La z boy, which is soooo comfortable. I'm anticipating some middle of the night feedings/sleepings in that thing.

We told these guys they could hang out in the crib for a couple of months while it wasn't being occupied.
Well, that's about it for now! I hope everyone has a Happy Easter tomorrow!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Last one....:)

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Tahoe I

These are some of my favorite scenery pictures!! Hollee and I walked down by the lake and took pictures while Adam and Sam skiid all day. It really was a perfect way to spend a long weekend.

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Lake Tahoe!!

I'm sorry about the multiple posts with this, but for some reason, blogger hasn't been letting me upload pictures in the normal way. I had to use Picasa and do 4 at a time. Anyone else having problems? Anyway...on with the post. 2 weekends ago, Sam and Hollee took us to Lake Tahoe for one last pre baby trip, and it was fan stinkin tastic! Hollee used her Southwest connections to make the trip verrrrrry affordable, and we're very thankful!! Here we are in the airport waiting for one of our flights. We're optimistic and awake.......
Here's what we looked like when we arrived in Tahoe at 12:30 am Tahoe time, which was 2:30 am Dallas time. Hollee decided just to park it on the floor while Sam tried to find his missing luggage.

Home Sweet Home!! We had one of the rooms in this cute little cottage. It was perfect!

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Saturday, March 8, 2008


2 weekends ago we had our annual Spencer/Green/Rash weekend. It usually consists of a ton of GRRRREAT food (Thanks, Susan!!), catching up, and! This year, Roselyn, Avery, and Ayelan were our three kids, but next year, Clay and Mo, Eric and Amber, and Clint and Rachel will all have 2, and Adam and I will be adding one to the mix. Hopefully Jaymie and Kory will get to come too next year, so Kanyon adds another!

Adam got in some good reading practice with Roselyn. I think she was just humoring him, but it's pretty cute

The beads were a very popular accessory at the Green's house. Roselyn could be found wearing them......

and Avery could be found munching. Look at those cute cheeks!!

We decided to take advantage of the free babysitter out in the back yard. We left them there and went shopping, got massages, ate bon bons. Okay...not really. We were right there, but it was pretty funny watching them try to figure out how to get out.

The boys came back with their usual quail but added a bonus to the mix this year with Marty's bobcat kill.