Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maaaarathon Man!

Adam's marathon day finally arrived, so we packed up and drove to Waco Saturday. Adam and Caden chilled out and watched the Texas game.

This is a picture of Adam's sweet tat that he got to keep him on pace. This is gonna look really nasty when he's old and wrinkly, but it's a great souvenier.

The marathon started at 7:30, and I pulled myself out of bed to see him off and get a picture of him at the finish line.

And......he's off!

Adam's mom, Kathy, came to cheer him on, and I was so glad to have here there!

Here we are at mile 12. This course is known for it's killer hills the second half of the marathon, and they weren't kidding. Some of them looked absolutely terrible.

This is mile 18 or thereabouts. Still looking good!!!

And.......now at mile 23!! At this point, Adam was feeling it a bit. They ran through Cameron Park, and it had some of the worst hills.

And FINISHED!!!! yaaaaay! The man behind him tried to beat him out at the end, but Adam stuck his foot out and tripped him just in time.

One tired runner!
After the race, we stuck around for the award ceremony and Adam ended up being 2nd in his age division. This guy was 3rd, and we felt a picture was in order when we saw his sweet stache!! You have to look closely cause it kind of blends in with his skin.

Caden was a trooper all day and cheered super loud whenever he saw his daddy!


Well, this was my first ever Yamboree, and I'm not quite sure I got the full effect. We went to the parade and hung out with all the regulars there, and we left shortly afterward. While we were there, it was fun, though! We were a little worried about the loud noises, but Caden did just great! Here's the whole group minus the Dean crew
There were a bunch of sirens at the beginning that hurt MY ears, so Adam held Caden's. I'm not sure he would've been that bothered anyway!

We got to see Nolan for the first time....or at least Nolan's head. He was soooo cute! When we got back in the car, Caden told me he wanted to fight Nolan cause he was younger but had way more hair. We promptly spanked Caden and told him to be nice to his 7th cousin once removed.

We had a had trying on session before the Yamboree. This had was Kyle, Adam, and Shane's when they were little, and it looked pretty stinkin cute on Caden.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New House and Toe Biting

We finally have a house!!! Caden and I went to Longview last week to close after a long process of negotiations and bumps in the road. We are so glad to be finished and just super excited about getting in there and getting started! Now...for those of you not familiar with our situation, we won't actually be living there till next August when Adam finishes school. Our plan is to do a little work up front and then rent it out till we're ready to start moving our stuff. Here are a couple videos of the back yard, which is really what sold us on this house!

This was another huge selling point. I LOVE all the windows.

We'll be auctioning off these curtains to the highest bidder. We'll start the bidding at...say....$100. Do I hear $100? You know you want them!

We got to stay with Uncle Ty and Aunt Nell, and it was so much fun! Caden got his toes in his mouth for the first time and has been practicing to get even better at it ever since!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, Caden got to meet Nam Hee for the first time! We'd been reading together at church on Wed. nights before she got a nursing job that keeps her away. It was so good to visit with her, and Caden was a big fan!
Caden also got to go to his first state fair! If they'd had fried fingers, we would have gotten him some. They're his favorite food right now.We went with Glenn, who's in ortho school with Adam, and his wife Stacy. They made the experience super fun. We're anxiously anticipating the pig races here. Caden made it for a bit until the crowd got too loud, and he and Adam had to make their exit. He's not a fan of loud places. Stacy and Adam decided to use our remaing coupons to ride the Space Roller...duh duh duh! Glenn and I preferred to keep the contents of our stomachs unaltered and left them to it!

Dontcha wish your husband was hot like me.....

I know what you're thinking ladies.....you all wish you could have a piece of this grade A Texas man meat. Sorry....he's taken.The monkey continues to get frendlier and frendlier...pushing the boundaries of their friendship further and further. Who knows what he will do next.....
The weather has been SO nice lately. Caden went for a little ride on Adam's shoulder's after church and was loving life. The weather comment has nothing to do with the shoulder ride....just thought I'd throw it in there.