Thursday, February 21, 2008

25 weeks and counting....

Okay, for all of you who have been asking for belly pictures, here are some from last week (6 months).
I have also recently learned how to knit. I started off thinking I was knitting a scarf, but then I decided on a baby blanket......and.....This is what I ended up with! Not bad for my first project, huh?
Today we had our 25 week check up, and everything looks GREAT! We didn't get any sonogram pictures to post, but he's grown quite a bit! It's just amazing to see his little arms and legs moving around. He kept his hands in front of his face most of the time, so we couldn't see much there, but I'm so thankful right now for a healthy baby! We're headed to Childress this weekend for our annual hunting trip to the Greens, so maaaayyyybe I'll just have some more pictures to post after that!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Good old MLK about once a month blogging isn't thaaaat bad, right? This is a MLK weekend we spent in Taos, NM with our good friends Eric and Amber Green and Cody Moore. Eric, Adam, and Cody all have dental school in common, so they had a lovely reunion. They spent most of their days skiing, and Amber (who's a day in front of me pregnancy wise) and I just lounged it up. We decided we needed to have at least 1 outing a day, and we met our quota.....barely. :)

This is our first day's outing. It consisted of petting the horses and generally just poking around in the snow. We topped it off with a trip to the grocery store, some Thai food for lunch, and that about topped us off. Not bad for a first day. ha!

Eric and Amber decided to have a dance party of 2. Amber may be 5 months along, but check out those moves!

Day 2. We decided to go see 27 Dresses, and we'd gotten halfway down the drive when we realized we'd left our FREE waters in the house. So, I pulled into a little turn-off and tried to back the trusty Explorer up. The tires spun mightily, but we didn't really go anywhere. Rather than risk making ruts, we decided to abandon the car with a note and head back up to the house for the rental car. It was more fun to drive anyway. :) Amber thought this might be a good spot for a belly picture.

Now, I know I'm standing kind of weird, but Amber explained that when taking belly pictures, you should always be able to see the curve of your back. Well, I wasn't quite sure what to do with my arms, so that's the pose I ended up with. The first afternoon, Amber came to me for some eye shadow, but, alas, I had forgotten to bring mine. You can imagine my shock the next day when I came down to see her beautifully painted lids. I was a bit baffled until she pointed to the picture below.....That's right.....nothing like a little soot to darken your lids when you find yourself in need of some au natural cosmetics. Amber is so creative!Our last day, we decided to hunt down the infamous Outback Pizza restaurant. It was soooo worth it. The slices were HUGE! Can you tell we were a little excited?

Now...the picture below is the marker of a momentous ocassion! Our good friend Lindsey Enderby owns a Western shop called Horse Feathers. It's got everything you could imagine. Well, we saw the cutest little cowboy boots and felt it was only fitting that the first item of clothing we purchased for our newest addition fit in the palm of my hand and just made you want to squeal! Don't worry, we won't have to jam his little fit in there. They've got a handy zipper. Thanks Lindsey!!!!

No vacation would be complete without a game of FARKLE!! Kyle, Shanna, and Drew were on their way back from Aspen and decided to stay the night. The boys caught the short end of the stick with the consequences.....Eric became a painted lady, Cody had to dance a rain dance to some grrrreat Indian chants AND take a snowball to the back, and Adam got some handfuls of snow down his shirt. The girls remained undefeated.

Well, that's all for now. Tune in next month......