Thursday, April 14, 2011

Smidgens...or Mr. Smidgens to you

A while back, we had an uninvited guest show up at our door. He was dark as night and, not Ty...and from the moment we saw him, we knew he must be named....Smidgens. Apparently Smidgens ran away from home, and he is now the neighborhood cat, roaming from house to house. Caden love love loves him.

Baby Dedication

I know some of you out there have been worried about the future of one Tate Spencer. Worry no longer. He has been properly dedicated.

Remember that one snowed?

How perfect does that snowball look? Adam didn't spend all that time in school for nothing.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Caden ever. Such a little man.

Apparently Tate wouldn't look at the camera. Nothing like a big brother to force the issue.

When we got tired of the snow, we came inside.....and Caden was magically transformed into Jonah. This "belly of the great fish" got a LOT of game time.

And then back outside to enjoy the hot flash that immediately followed the snow.


Nashville Christmas

I lost most of the pictures from Nashville Christmas on a card, and it has yet to turn up....which probably means it has been sucked into the black hole that has consumed my other "lost" things. These were pretty much all I came back with....

Nashville has a great zoo, and the weather was so great we decided to take advantage! At one exhibit....something like a leopard....Caden said, in a not quiet voice, that he wanted to kill that cat and eat it. Hard not to laugh, but it was a little uncomfortable with other parents around.

Tell me these boys don't look like twins.....


Spencer Christmas - only 5 months late

I did a pretty poor job documenting Christmas this year. I kind of go through picture taking phases, and Christmas is a TERRIBLE time to go through one of the ebb stages. Here are some I got of Spencer Christmas.....

The annual caroling sleigh ride

Tate with sweet Paw Paw

The calm before the storm....reading Jesus' birth and the greatest cause for celebration!