Saturday, September 27, 2008

stroller should try it!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Birthday, Cowboys, and a Wedding

As much fun as we had in Nashville, we sure did miss Adam (or daddy), so it was good to see him when we got home, and Caden enjoyed some good play time with his bearded father.Saturday night, we went to John David Spencer and Shelly's wedding. It was beautiful and just fun to see everyone there! Grandmother and Grandaddy took turns holding Caden, who fell asleep after about 20 minutes of the reception.Here are Gay (Jaymie, Clay, and Clint's mom) and Kathy (college roommates/cousins) with their babies! Kory was inspired by the magical setting and decided to propose a second time to Jaymie. They'll be renewing their vows in a public ceremony and will be sending out invitations soon. I can't wait!

We went over to the Ford Fam's house Sunday night after church to watch the Cowboys game. I was very impressed with Beau's number one that he made with his cute little pinkie finger. watching mooooooooooore football.
And here we are at Adam's birthday lunch on Sunday!! By we...I mean Caden and Mammas. it bad that I didn't get a picture of the actual birthday boy? Happy Birthday, Adam!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Okay...lot of pictures with this one, but I tried to trim them down the best I could. Caden and I got to go home for a week and a half while Adam was in Arizona for a wire bending course (I know....we wish we could've gone to that too!), and it was just the best. We did A LOT of relaxing, and it was just what we needed.This is one of Caden's favorite positions. He LOVES the tv.Slappy was having some computer problems at work one day, so Caden went on over to see if he could help. I think they got all of their issues worked out. Caden is very technologically minded. He charges $10 an hour if any of you would like his services.
This is my mom's FriendSpeak reader, Lisa. we met her for lunch, and she surprised us with this AMAZING drawing of Caden under his cowboy hat. It was just so neat.

These next two pictures are of Caden meeting two of my best friends from high school....and really the only ones I've kept in touch with. I always look forward to seeing these guys! Here's Caden with Michael.....
and here with Houston and his wonderful wife Christina

Caden has been DYING to meet his Uncle Burster, and this is the night of their first meeting. He would come over every chance he got after classes were over, and Caden had quite a good time playing with him. I like how big Burton's arm looks in this picture! ha!
Slappy had the magic touch when it came to putting Caden to sleep. The pink blanket was my sister's when she was little. I left Caden's at home, and this was a great substitute.
Caden also got to meet my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Nate, and their two boys, Ben and Andrew!

Uncle Nate is Slappy's brother.....see the family resemblance?

Of course we had to take advantage of the wonderful weather and have some photo shoots outside. That lasted until we were fending off mosquitoes, but it was just GREAT while it lasted.

Slappy's parents, Grandma and Grandpa Saunders drove town from Rogersville to meet Caden, and it was so good to see them. Grandma is the rattler that got Caden to laugh that first time.

We also got to visit Aunt Kay at work. She put him to work right away getting to know people and typing up a few memos.

In Nashville, babies just dress a little differently than they do here. They wear dressy little things to Church.....even the boys. Now, Adam has banned all things frilly or puffy, but he said when we were in Nashville, we could do as the Nashvillians do. So, this is what he wore to church. My Aunt Karen made this for my brother when he was a baby.

Caden had a lot of fun meeting my mom's mom, Grandma Church. He got to see her on multiple ocassions, and he always looked forward to it!
My cousin, Jenny, is pregnant with twins, so we got to have a cousin/family shower for her while I was there, and it was so much fun to see all of the cute little outfits she got. She's having two girls, and we can't wait to meet them!! Caden also got to meet a lot of my cousins, and aunts while we were there!

Bravo if you've made it to the end. Hope you've enjoyed!

3 months

So, here is Caden's 3 month that he's almost 4! I put months 1 and 2 on there so you could see the difference. He's such a little man!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A couple videos from Nashville

Here are a couple of videos from our Nashville visit. I'll get some pictures up soon, but we're having a GREAT time. Caden's gotten to meet lots of family, and we'll be here for a few more days. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

We decided to head to Paris for Labor Day weekend and spend some time with friends we don't get to see all the time, and it was so much fun. We didn't think about taking a group picture till the end, so we're missing a few here!It's always so hot out at the lake for the little guys, and they conk out inside for most of the day.Can you hear the Lion King music playing in the background here? The dads did a good job of trading out with us so we could have some girl time!
We thought if they ever needed to sell their Seadoo, this picture would for sure do it. I mean, who WOULDN'T want this fine piece of machinery....especially if it could make you look as cool as Clay does right here
Caden was excited about spending some good quality time with his cousin Kanyon
They begged us to get them matching outfits for a photoshoot. How could we say no?Being only one of two boys, Caden had to make his rounds with the ladies. Here he is working his magic on Auburn. I think she was impressed.And here he is with another of the beauties....

Look at these cute little guys!!! Don't you just want to pinch their bottoms!
We decided to let Caden try the pool for the first time. As you can see, he loved it. Well....after the initial shock of the water, he tolerated it. Maybe we'll wait till he's a bit older.
Here's our last group picture before everyone headed their separate ways

And here's one more for the road. Hope you all had a great labor day weekend too!!