Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Got Milk? and 15K

Somehow the Got Milk people got a hold of Caden's picture and decided they could use it. I mean...wouldn't this face make you want to drink more milk? I think they did a pretty good job with the ad itself too. This past Saturday, Adam and Shane ran a 15k at White Rock Lake. It's one of several races they have planned on their journey to their marathon in October!
Shane and Adam's running styles are VERY similar. I mean....they're almost identical! I guess that's what happens with brothers.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bathtime Surprise

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lonview, Camp, and Confession

Just in case you were confused by the caption under this picture, this is Caden's one month picture. Our good friend, Dru got this monkey especially for Caden, and we thought it would be a great way to measure Caden's growth from month to month. As you can see in the second picture, Caden was a little upset. The monkey was a bit of a "close talker" and Caden just wanted a little space.

We took another road trip this weekend to Longview, where Caden got to meet the girls up at Clark's office. He was right at home and can't wait to be back!!
Caden also got a lot of time with Uncle Kyle and Aunt Shanna, Grandaddy, and Grandmommy and PawPaw (Adam's grandparents). Caden didn't get held all weekend, as you can see.
We decided to take Caden to Camp Deer Run for middle Sunday, and it was BURNING HOT, but he was a champ! I think the oppressive heat lulled him to sleep, but he got to spend some good quality time with his Uncle Ty.
I'm a little worried here about Landry's face. I'm sure she's plotting something mischievous!
Since I posted the "lovely" picture of Aunt Nell a couple of blog posts ago, I felt it only fair to post some lovely ones of me as well.Now, for the confession part of this blog post. I was at the chiropractor's office today, and I had my first "that was really stupid" moment. I had taken Caden out of his car seat to hold him for a little bit, and I set him back in to move rooms. I didn't buckle him in cause we were just going a little way. Well, half way to my destination, the car seat suddenly felt a little lighter. I looked back, and Caden was face down on the floor. Naturally, I panicked and picked him up. He stopped his screaming within a couple of seconds, but I felt like a HORRIBLE mom! It didn't help that I did it in front of waiting patients either. I'd love to see what was scrolling through their minds as they watched a young (inexperienced) mom dump their newborn onto the floor. So, I tried to get some pictures of the carpet burn Caden ended up with. It didn't really show up, but I got some pretty good expressions anyway. Lesson learned.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tour of East Texas

Caden had been wanting to meet his good friend Norah, so we headed to Mt. Pleasant this past Thursday to grand his wish.We introduced them, and as you can see...they were very excited to finally put a face with the name......We left them alone for one second, and when we walked back in the room, THIS is what we found!It must have been love at first sightWait....Norah's not so sure. It could have something to do with the fact that Caden is hogging most of the bassinet.She grudgingly allowed him to stay, but she kept a close eye on him the rest of the time.We ended our night with a little stroll around the neighborhood. It was so much fun finally getting to meet Norah and visit with Luke and Katie. We can't wait to visit again!From Mt. Pleasant, we headed to Paris for the 4th of July with the Spencers! We headed to the Lake on the afternoon of the 4th, and when we got there, Roselyn was sporting her animal print bikini and tramp stamp. Caden wanted to be cool like his cousin Roselyn, so he got a sweet tat of a wolf on his bicep. He decided to show it off by making his t-shirt into a muscle shirt. Very cool.Sweet cousins!Caden spent most of the day either indoors or in the tent that Grandmother got for him. It was perfect! Sweet Landry decided that the lake was NOT where she wanted to spent the 4th of July, so Clay took her for a little bit and let Mo swim with Avery. He tried everything to calm her down and eventually decided to try and nurse her himself. To his surprise, he began lactating, and Landry was satisfied. Clay said it was one of the most rewarding experiences of his life, and he hopes to begin nursing Landry full time now.
Avery has GREAT lake hair!

We ended our 4th of July with a sweet firework display and then off to bed. All in all, a great weekend!!

Wedding, Aunt Nell, and 4 weeks

We made our first public appearance at Cole and Tiffany's wedding, and Caden did a great job! We made sure we were in the very back on the aisle in case he decided to pull one of his grunting spells. It felt good to be at a normal event in normal clothes...ok, not normal.....but better than my customary running shorts and t-shirt.Caden's crazy-eyed Aunt Nell (or A.Nell for short...hehe) came and stayed with us for a few nights, and Caden LOVED having her here. This was his most favorite sleeping position, and he made sure to make the most of it while she was here.She also decided to spike his hair for thoughtful of her, and I think this is a look we could dress up or down. We're thinking of trying it for church on Sunday.There are a ridiculous amount of pictures from our latest photo shoot. I wish I had known the lighting on our balcony was so good when we moved in! I would've been taking so many more pictures out there! These are Caden's 4 week (a few days short of an actual month) pictures.