Friday, April 23, 2010

One of Caden's favorite Things

One of the things that Granddaddy (Gran Nanny) and Caden do together is play the guitar. Caden has learned how to hold it and, more importantly, how to place his pick in his mouth while he gets the guitar in just the right place. We got him a guitar from Walmart, and he will decide to give random concerts, though none for the video camera yet. I'm working on it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Family Pictures

That's right. These are the first pictures we've had taken since Caden was born of our entire family. Glad I waited till 36 weeks to do it. ;) We had so much family in town for Easter, and Shanna (my sister-in-law) came over, and we traded picture taking before the family hunt. I LOVE them!! I just wish I'd taken off my ugly (though very comfy) shoes and black ironman watch. I guess that's life though, huh. :

A bit of chocolate bribery was involved to keep Caden engaged and happy. I'm not ashamed.

A little under 3 weeks to go now! I still feel great pregnancy-wise, although I've somehow managed to get some nasty poison ivy that decides to keep popping up in new random places. It must have been all that wood chopping I was doing in the back yard. In Longview, pregnant women chop wood. It's just what we do.