Friday, June 25, 2010

Some Random Pics

Neiman Marcus called and asked if Tate could pose in order to help them sell their mini grand piano. Tate was only too happy to oblige. I hope they don't mind Tate's daddy (Adam, for those of you trying to figure that out) halfway in the shot.

Proper headgear is required when playing the piano seriously. One of Caden's favorite things here lately is playing and singing with Grandmoner

A little brother nap time

Caden's good friend Norah turned 2, and we got to be there for the big event!! Unfortunately, Caden was sick and had to stay home, but Tate was a good fill in. These three boys were all born within 3 months of each other!!

Nothing like a good party hat.

Tate agrees

Aunts Shanna and Crystal got Caden this bubble gun, and he could not WAIT to try it out. It is currently out of commission to do overplaying with it, but we have hopes that it can be revived.

Tate has some pretty crazy, sweet faces, and I just wanted to be able to come back in 20 years and remember some of them.

I think this one is my favorite.

And this one is one we see quite frequently. He really is a happy baby, and it's not hard to get him to smile.

We told Tate if he looked into Caden's glasses, it would steal his soul. Good boy, Tate. Good boy.

1 month with Mr. Cat

Tate has actually known Mr. Cat for longer than 1 month. He was a present from Tate's Great Aunt Ruth...and she really is GREAT! :) This was taken more around 6 weeks than a month. I'm a procrastinator.

I told Tate to try and smile like Mr. Cat here. Pretty good impression.

Here he's imitating the Cowardly (or courageous according to Cookie) Lion from the Wizard of Oz. "Put 'em up....Put 'em up"

Apparently Mr. Cat suffers from chronic flatulence. Who knew.

2 Years old and his FAVORITE buddy

We decided to have a family birthday party at Grandmoner and Granddaddy's house, and Caden had a great time! Kanyon and Caden truly love each other. They were going to have to be best friends anyway, but it's nice we don't have to force them. :)

Tate is doing his best to imitate Slappy's expression. It takes quite an actor to get this one down.

Seriously...they really love each other.

I'm pretty sure they're trying to look innocent here, but we know better.

Uh huh....Caden's facade is beginning to crack. Guilt.

Plotting how they're gonna get out of whatever they did. Sneaky, sneaky boys.

Caden had never seen one of these, so Grandmother gave him a quick lesson

He looks like such a big boy in this picture carrying his own plate.

A rare picture of me with Caden.

Chatting it up with Paw Paw

It was hard to narrow down the Caden/Kanyon pictures. They gave me so many good opportunities!

Caden doesn't seem too confident in Cookie's horsemanship.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cookie and Slappy Catch-Up

After Tate was born, my mom and dad got to come and stay for 3 weeks total, and it was WONDERFUL! I'm so thankful they could and wanted to come stay and play with us.

Slappy has the magic touch with putting babies to sleep. I have pictures of him with Caden almost just like this.

With Slappy comes the iPhone, and Caden was quickly enthralled. It also plays Barbara Ann by the Beachboys...a Caden favorite and Slappy special.

Slappy and Cookie one night with all their grandsons. There were about 50 of these...I just picked my favorites.

the way Slappy does cowboy

Caden turned 2 on June 5th, and we'd saved one of his Christmas presents to give to him at his birthday. His "bike" was from Mammas and Pop Pop, and it was love at first sight. If only his legs were a bit longer.

practicing his cheesy smile

Slappy was a HUGE help entertaining Caden while we were busy with Tate. That included ROASTING outside. Thank you, Slappy!

Can't wait till our next visit together!