Monday, December 13, 2010

Tennessee Thanksgiving

We went to Nashville/Rogersville for Thanksgiving this year, and it was a lot of driving, but totally worth it.

Caden is really into "cooking" lately, and he got to help Cookie with quite a few dishes.

Both Caden and Tate got a little time with my mom's sister, Aunt Kay.

Caden with my cousin Bryan's son, Brady.

This was a stroller that my mom rode in when she was little. I LOVE things like that.

We left on Tuesday and drove to Rogersville, TN where my dad's parents live. That's where we grew up spending Thanksgiving, and it's always a nice break from "life." I remember playing with these waffle blocks when we were little, and Drayton had so much fun riding back and forth since the weather was GORGEOUS!!

Customary hike down by the old cabins. Always a good picture taking spot.

Welcome. The cabins are reportedly haunted. This may be one of the ghosts of the original settlers. She looks inviting, I think.

Hope you got your tickets.....for the GUN SHOW!

Looking at some deer tracks.

This is one of Tate's favorite faces. He's going to have jaw problems later if he keeps opening his mouth that wide.

Cousin Ben played with Caden for hours, and later on so did Cousin Andrew. Caden has some new heros.


What poor taste.

After Thanksgiving dinner, we always sit in the "pit" and sing for however long we all last. I appreciate it more now that I'm older.

4 generations: Caden and Tate, me, my dad, and his parents