Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Everyone needs a little Mexican Fiesta

For Adam and Katie's birthday, we wanted to think of a truly memorable way to celebrate. It was then that the idea of a Mexican Fiesta began to take shape. I think it was worth it, if only to see Caden, in a diaper, with a sombrero and a screw driver.

Ty and Janelle took it to the next level with car decals. We all voted and decided they should leave them. I'm sad to report that last time I saw that beauty of a car, it was missing its name.

For the record (you know you were wondering) the mustache is not real.

Luke truly was a Mexican. In fact, Luke wasn't there at all. Instead, he was taken over by the spirit of Jorge.

Jorge and Rosalinda

Caden loves Uncle Ty...even when he wears a shirt dress and looks nasty.

beauty....sheer beauty

We were going to give Caden a matching mustache, but unfortunately his runny nose prevented proper adhesion

I don't think the one below even needs an explanation

The whole group. For those of you wondering, I was a taco.

Rachel is our "special" friend

We waited a bit late for the pinata, so it was dark. That would have made it even more perfect for my original idea to fill the pinata with bees. More of an element of surprise.

All the September birthdays minus Lane! We missed ya'll!

A parting family portrait

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