Friday, August 12, 2011

May! Halfway there! Brace Yourself....too many pictures

What's a Cinco de Mayo celebration without a moustache?

May saw A LOT of us outside. They built a rode in front of our house, and Caden spent hours and hours watching the heavy machinery.

Tate turned 1!!!

And got his celebratory birthday muffin

Happy Birthday Boy

4 generations of Spencer men

Apparently Caden's practicing his mugging disguise. I wouldn't recognize him. Jed seems impressed too.

Tate is into hitting. He's just attempted contact and is looking at me to make sure it was "ok"


Our little cousins Kyler and Kate also came for a visit, and we had so much fun! They've grown so much since this picture....

4 naked cousins. How long can we keep this tradition going? eyes

I love walking away shots....not much cuter than a little fellow following his daddy.

Caden got his "nature guide" certification. He's informing the tour group that this is an oak. yea yea, an oak.

This is the official tour guide pose. Rugged yet approachable.

Such a tiny little man

Such a big little man

I know, I know...another walking away shot...couldn't resist

Bamboo walking sticks are the best

But sometimes they can leave splinters....

Just two cowboys enjoying their pizza

I truly love this one of Jed. Such a great expression.

Tate couldn't have pizza, so we gave him a rock.

I think this is Jed's sheriff face. It looks authoritative.

And to end it out....Jed and Caden are pretty good at playing David and Goliath....with capes. Here we have the call to battle.....

The smooth stone flying through the air....

And the mighty Goliath falls....

Maybe you'll get a break tomorrow...and then again....maybe you won't. :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011


April was a busy month. We headed to Plano for a birthday celebration of all the Muns girls that had birthdays the first half of the year. Caden, Tate, and little cousin Hudson had a great time playing on the dog's bed. It makes me shudder a little just to think about all the dogginess going on there, but I guess they didn't die.

Cutest face ever.

After sitting on the dog's bed, they continued to act like dogs outside. Apparently it's contagious.

And....we had EASTER!

This was at the church egg hunt

Love this picture of debonair

Since I'm a mean mother and wouldn't let Tate have candy, he settled for the next peel.

Tate was not too excited about this year's Easter Bunny. However, I think this is a big improvement over last year's extremely scary bunny.

Tate learned how to fee himself with no hands

Gotta love a good grapejuice popsicle

Caden fell in love with his helmet

And wore it everywhere...even to eat

Picking blackberries is a full contact sport...hence...the helmet again

We went to our good friends' house in Mt. Pleasant for some easter egg dying.

Caden and Norah making sure they had the same amount

Our attempt at a family picture...we'll take it. ;)

The double chicken wing makes its way into lots of Caden's pictures. I like it.

This one makes me laugh. I was done.

Cousin Easter at our house

Before it got blazing hot, we could to and play at the park. This is one of Caden's favorite buddies, Jed.

Quinn and Tate had lots of fun putting out fires

And Kanyon gave him some lessons on the best way to palm a ball

Couldn't help but put this one in. It's a classic Tate face.

And we're off to May!!!!!!!!!