Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who doesn't love a good tutu

While I'm catching up on Christmas posts, here is a recent one. Janelle, Drayton, Caden, Tate, and I got to spend some time in Mt. Pleasant playing with the Deans, and it was a "magical" play of those where the kids behaved, we got to sit, eat, and talk, and it felt like we'd played instead of just wrangled when we left. Caden had quite a bit of fun with Norah's dress up clothes. I see a future camper/staff costume.

Some people only have figurative "thinking caps." Caden's is literal.

Tate apparently asked Norah for a puppy to ride on his head. Good girl was happy to oblige.

Busy little cousins. More and more people have said that Caden and Drayton favor each other. I'm starting to see what they're talking about.

Norah got a bounce house for Christmas, and they had SO much fun playing. Wore them right out.

Drayton also loved the bounce house. hehe. To be fair, he missed a nap and had trouble going down in a strange place, so he was a bit out of sorts. Tate the compassionate felt his pain.

Two if the little buddies together

Los tres amigos!!

Caden truly loves to read...even more when he gets to read to his beloved

I am also easily entertained by a wipe box.

weo weo wo mah mah mah (that's my best effort at the Western standoff music)

We had so much fun playing. It was a brief couple of days of wellness before our next round of crud. I've never been so ready for a season to be over. Winter, you are not my friend. We're through.