Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A filler update

Okay....I know I'm not the best blogger, so here are a few pictures until I have something interesting to talk about. I'm finally showing, which is pretty exciting!!! Okay...first belly picture!!! This is 19 and 1/2 weeks, so I'm alllllmost halfway done! That is CRAZY to me!

So, this is our future nursery. I know, I know...dead animals on the walls might scare the baby, so........drum roll please....Adam has made the decision to ship them to a temporary home in Longview. A big thanks to Clark and Kathy for serving as a storage facility for all of our stuff!!!!
That's right......all of the boxes you see in the corner are the fruits of our labor on Saturday. Those will also be making the trip to Longview so we can have a little room for baby stuff. I mean..how do you accumulate that much in an apartment!?

Our next appt. is on the 24th.....I made sure to double check our time, so there won't be a repeat of last appt. I really look forward to these appts and seeing how he (who shall remain nameless) changes from month to month. Well, that's all for now!