Monday, January 25, 2010

We do believe in Thanksgiving

I know this question has been burning in your minds: Did the Spencers celebrate Thanksgiving. Rest easy, dear friends. The answer is, yes! We took Adam's grandparents' van to Nashville, Janelle and Ty in tow, and made a trip of it. It went surprisingly well considering we had 2 pregnant people and a child! While we were there, we had a family shower for Janelle, and it was fun to see all the things she got for Drayton!

The kids (and Aunt Kay) had their own special table

You never can predict how Caden will react in new situations, and he wanted to stick pretty close to familiar faces

Cute Tori, Merrill, and Mr. Bear

The whole Church clan got to come eat one night, and all the kids made good use of Cookie's dress up/toy room. I thought Emery's outfit was fabulous. I wish I could remember what she called it. That's what I get for waiting 2 months to blog about it.

Caden has always loved hats. ;)

Slappy and Cookie set up the swing in the front yard, and Caden couldn't get enough when it was warm.

A lurking pervert, however, dampened the mood for a bit.

but not for long...

Se spent actual Thanksgiving day and a few days before in Rogersville, TN where my dad's parents live. It's always a welcome retreat and so much fun to be with that side of the family!

I know I had more pictures, but that's all I can seem to locate for now. More burning questions answered......later.....duh duh duh!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


This is how I'm going to feel when I finally get caught up with the blog updates......

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mac Question

So....for the past almost 3 months, I have been PC-less and have been using Adam's Mac...very uncomfortable, but I'm learning to like. :) For anyone out there who uses a Mac and blogspot, HOW do you do it? Is there a fast way to upload pictures, or am I doomed to one by one? Any tips are appreciated. Hope everyone out there is doing well, and pictures will come soon!