Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hottest Half, and moooooore pictures! :)

Adam ran The Hottest Half half marathon this Sunday, and, once again, I got there a few minutes after he finished, so there are no action shots. We're getting closer to THE marathon!!

Sunday night after church, Adam tried to distract Caden during tummy time to make him think it was a fun thing. It worked quite well for a little bit!

John and Jacki gave us these overalls, and I've been just waiting for him to get big enough to wear them. I LOVE them!!
We went to our first Grapevine play date, and Caden slept through most of it. When he did wake up, Beau, Lilly and Marlee were nice enough to share their blanket with him!

And these are just some random pictures we took on the balcony the other night. The one in the top right was towards the end when he was just ready to go to bed.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2 months, Florida, and Longview

Well, I'm finally posting Caden's 2 month picture. It's closer to 3 months now, but better late than never, right? Here he is warming up for the photo shoot. Adam is telling him that now we expect him to be more friendly with the monkey since he's older and wiser.The monkey kept his distance too at first, but they warmed up to each other by the end.Here's the Florida group! Adam had school, so he couldn't come, and my brother was preparing the dorm for the freshman. We missed them a bunch! Caden had a GREAT time with Slappy, Cookie, Ty, and Janelle. They brought out a bunch of smiles and noises. If you look at the bottom, right hand picture, you'll see Caden and Cookie singing the Hallelujah Chorus in preparation for this Christmas.Don't they make a cute family? I'm pretty sure people thought Caden belonged to them all week since they were a complete family unit.Ty was a trooper and let us bury him in the sand. We gave him a bathing suit top so it wouldn't be X rated.

This was the one and only time that Caden made it to the beach. I just didn't want him to get any sun, so we went out for a quick photo shoot. He is such a rebel. He went strait for this spot and laid down!

Trying to catch some rays
Here's Caden and Slappy with their matching birthmarks.

Tummy time is getting a little better. Mostly he HATES it, but he's getting to where he can hold his head up a little better and see more, which makes him happier

After Florida, my mom flew to Dallas, and we headed to Longview, where we're in the process of buying a house!!! ....which would explain my lack of blogging lately! Ty was once again a trooper and modeled his matching union suit for pictures with Caden.They gave him a bath in the sink, and it made a great video. I can't figure out how to create a hyperlink on here. Anybody know? So, you can click on this, and I think it'll work.... If not, and you're REALLY wanting to see can copy and paste. :) I realize that's a lot of work for someone who's not your child. :)

And what better after a bath than pictures of him in our favorite towel!! I think he looks kind of like a shepherd. :o)

And, to end this super post, here are a couple more videos of him talking. Please ignore how stupid I sound in them!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1st Annual Spencer Adventure!!

We decided to plan a trip every year with the Spencer brothers and their families, and we just completed our first one. We took the family to Lake LBJ and rented a lake house there for the weekend, and it was so much fun! The decor was very lake appropriate. Here Kyle is showcasing the "fish" theme.

The boys grilled out both Friday and Saturday night. Can you tell Adam has seen Rambo lately?

Shane brought his sail boat, and he took us out on it. We wanted to get some pictures, so we imposed on a nice person's yard and stood on their dock to get these.

Caden and me on their swing. We told Caden what face to make, and he did it! He's such a poser.

Caden also got some GREAT time with his Aunts Shanna and Crystal!
The Maxwells gave us this great duck for Caden, and we thought we would give it a try. I mean, it was SO hot outside, so Adam blew it up and filled it up with the hose.
Apparently that was a little too chilly for Caden. He prefers bath water. Look at that duck just smirking. I think she really enjoyed Caden's misery.

We warmed it up with some hot water, but Caden still wasn't too sure. The Duck had struck once, and he wasn't too confident she wouldn't strike again.

Ok...settling in now, but still wary.
Abort! Abort!! Maybe next time. :)

Some REAL ducks were taunting Gunner, Kyle's dog, all morning, so he finally swam after them. He got a bit too far away and had to be rescued by team canoe.
Saturday, Caden didn't get much of a nap in the morning, even though he was tired. He just didn't want to miss out on any of the fun!

All of the Spencer boys

And the Spencer girlsAnd here is our First Annual Spencer Adventure group photo!!! Notice even Caden has his number 1 up!

Caden's first Orthodontist Appt.

We figured since Adam is going to be an orthodontist, we might as well get Caden started in braces early, so we took a trip up to school to have him checked out. Lauren has just told him that he's going to be in braces for several years. The news was a bit shocking.
Here he is with some of Adam's favorite people!!
Kelton is single-handedly responsible for outfitting Caden in some great MAVS gear. He can't wait till he's big enough to wear them!
Julie absconded...that's right...I said absconded with Caden and tried to get him to utter his first words. He's been working on it, Julie! And you were right...the mornings are his most vocal time!
And here he is with Dru. He loved him some Dru time, and I think this picture was taken just moments before he spontaneously burst into song.