Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two Bitty Cousins

Tate thought Mac was hilarious, and I wish I'd gotten more of the laughing on video. Nothing kills a good time like a video camera. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

Tate had his first breakfast with Santa, and Grandmother came to play. I think she secretly wanted to ask the "big guy" for her own Christmas wish. :)

Drayton is not sure about the man in red...

Tate can ride the buckin' bronco even in his "bubble" suit.

Santa came in to visit with each good little boy and girl before the official present giving, and Caden wasn't letting him out of his sight as he moved around the room...

And when the big moment arrived.....he asked.....

If rudolph had come with him. He was VERY concerned about rudolph.

Tate wasn't too excited either way about Santa. We'll see next year if the fear sets in.

Caden with one of his favorite cousins!!

Farm Fun

We normally go every year to cut down our own tree, but since the selection is crummy and kids end up melting down, we decided to take it to the farm instead. Good choice.

Caden and Nolan enjoyed the barrel o toys. Weapons are always a big draw and a reason to grab.

I think Caden likes what he sees. Ok...a little inappropriate, but I couldn't help myself.

On the way out to the farm, we saw this lady walking with her child and invited her to enjoy the day of fellowship with us.....

Apparently she felt comfortable enough to nurse her 2-year old in plain view. We applaud her for her utilization of the freedom to nurse as long as she wants and wherever she wants.

Sweet Mallory....don't you want to squeeze those cheeks!

Caden fell...a lot...and almost always close to poop.

I'm celebrating looking really good. You know I do.

eat up!

stare-down between Caden and Lefty. Lefty won.

All of the "big kids"

You would make a face like that too if you peeked over the fence and saw a horse driving a tractor backwards while singing Jingle Bells. It really happened. Caden was there.

Never too early to start hauling hay.


My sweet tiny love. Tate is such a happy, easy baby. He LOVES being outside and is pretty content if he has a full belly and enough sleep. I told him to look innocent here. Pretty good interpretation, I think.

Giggling with grandmother

Grandaddy taking his two little men on a tractor ride.

One reason Tate loves the outdoors is the proximity to free food. Leaves, grass, could eat for days and never crawl more than a foot or two.

Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree

I can't believe it, but I'm pretty sure these are the only pictures of i have of our you will never know just how beautifully random it looked when we finished decorating. :) We made the trip to Home Depot this year and picked out the loveliest tree....

Caden had to give it the "hug test"

We let Caden do the honors of cutting off the netting. He's up for anything he can do with a pair of sharp scissors.

Angle is everything.