Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spencer Brother's Weekend 2009

We had our 2nd annual Spencer Brother's trip, and we all took it to College Station to Kyle and Shanna's house for a perfect weekend! We got there Friday afternoon and got to just hang out and do a little shopping while we waitted for Shane and Crystal!

On Saturday, we took it to Ren Fest where sights like the one below were par for the course....or tame for the course......It was GREAT people watching, and Caden loved it!

We got to see a real live joust. We were France and cheered for our knight, Sir Philippe.

This was our French maiden who told us when to cheer and when to boo

She left her mark on Caden's virgin cheek.

Uncle Kyle carried Caden around A LOT and gave him a break from the stroller.

Caden started to wear out after a few hours, but he was quite the trooper.

Seeing the elephants perked him right up!

Yes...that's a real gnome behind Caden

Chilling with Aunt Crystal. Caden really has two of the best Aunts ever!

Checking out the video of him dancing. He's studying hard to see which moves he can improve.

And this is where Adam and I are now! We're taking a little recharge trip, and Caden is having the time of his life with Grandmother and Grandaddy. That's all the posts for now....promise. :)

some recent pictures. :)

Well, my computer finally bit the dust. I've been without my trusty (ok...not so trusty) HP for almost a month now. Forgive all the catch up pictures, but I've gotta get them up while I can! :)

Kathy got us some Mums for around our fountain in place of the fake ones previous left. They looked great...until they died or Caden sniffed them to death.

He rarely walks now...preferring to trot/bound instead.

Grandaddy (paw paw) and Grandmother's (baw baw) house is a treasure trove of wonders for Caden. There's a garden, chicken, pigs...enough to ruin a boy for playing at home with his same old toys.

Caden was scowling at me until Eric drove up behind me and got him to laugh.

For Halloween, we delighted the neighborhood kids with candy AND toothbrushes! I think the bowl was just as full when we came home that night.

I made my first costume this year, and Caden was a mummy. Thanks Jaymie for the GREAT idea! You'll see some cousin mummies here in a bit.

notice the special ghoulish effect we carried around with us the entire night. I think, it added a little something extra.

Leaving Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie's with his first treats of the night.....

which he gave away at Grandmommie and Paw Paw's house. He's a very generous mummy.

And then to Uncle Ty and Aunt Nell's to top off the night.

He has some special toys at their house, and his favorites are the keyboard and the least i think that's what it is...

Kissing cousins. Caden is 1/2 Tennessee after all.

Caden and Kanyon have many more Halloweens together for sure.

That's all for now!