Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have great intentions of blogging at some point about our summer, but for now...since it's been for e ver and you've probably stopped checking and have forgotten what we look's a reminder.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Summer Part 2

Even in the winter, our boys rarely have clothes on. Summer, they are completely unnecessary.

Caden is a very serious boy.

Caden has loved the guitar from the time he could hold one. We love to be serenaded by him.

Adam and I were also able to go to Haiti with the Hillsboro Church in Nashville. My parents and our good friends Luke and Katie were able to go also, and, as always, I'm pretty sure we were the recipients of the blessings.

This is at the Cap Haitian Children's Home, and we're with our good buddy Mackendy.

Slappy and Cookie were very stylish. All the time.

The whole group

The group watching the whole group

This was the site for our first dental clinic. Very high-tech chairs we had.

My dad's brother, Uncle Sandy, came and was a WONDERFUL help for Adam and the people

Several sewing machines were donated to the CHCH and the kids got lessons and even sold some things while we were there. They're so smart and talented.

Summer, Part 1

This summer we spent a lot of time at camp visiting Uncle Ty, Aunt Nell, and Drayton. Sometimes other buddies came to play too!

Tater learned to walk....

Caden hunted for buried treasures...

And Tate perfected his meditation pose. Very impressive.

We also had a big boy turn 3 in our house. He doesn't get many sweets around here...and I use the term "sweets" to mean things like apple sauce and straight cocoa powder in milk for an extra the healthy chocolate cake was so so so tempting. Sometimes taking a good sniff is as good as a taste.

You might think he's blowing candles out...but he's actually trying out a magic trick where you light the candles by blowing. Didn't work.

Good friend Nora brought her bounce house and it was a hit.

Caden loves him some Paw Paw

The kids table. ;)

It is because of this look....that this coming year you will see the institution of the "birthday mask". Wait for it. It'll be worth it.

Back at camp!

I love a good, dirt-streaked run in the grass. Don't you?

Tate says the jury is still out.

And.....we gained a sister!! My brother got married middle of June to a wonderful wonderful girl...ok...woman. Such a fun time of celebration! They decided to take their vows over the phone.

Yes...sometimes we raise hands in the Churches of Christ

Love this picture of my grandma.

And here is our favorite Aunt Kay. She's so good at coming over and visiting when we're in town!

We also had our annual Spencer Brothers' Weekend. We took it to the beach and it was GREAT!! No better place for a digger.

Caden and Kate....she and Kyler are SO MUCH BIGGER now!!

Ok...that's all for summer part 1!! :)