Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Catching Up

Okay....so these first pictures are from a couple of weekends ago. It was BEAUTIFUL here in Dallas, and since we don't have a yard to work in, Adam and I headed to Lowes and got some greenery for our balcony.Adam's mom is a master gardener, and Adam inherited a bit of her green thumb.This is the finished product! I LOVE looking out and seeing more than concrete and bars. The hibiscus is my personal favorite. So happy.
A couple couple weekends ago, Katie and I headed to Paris for one last girl's weekend before the newest Spencer decided to make HER entrance! Mo is 9 months here; I'm 7 1/2 months, and Katie is towards the end of her 6th month. We decided to go out to eat and then hit up WalMart, and I guess 3 pregnant women looks a bit odd cause people definitely felt the need to stare and comment.My belly button is officially out now, and it's low and behold, it's a star inside! My sister calls it a dirt star. Not cool, Janelle. Not cool.
Then, last but not least, my church shower was this past Sunday, and it was wonderful!!! A HUGE thank you to Marilyn Jones for hosting this in her home and to all my wonderful hostesses!!!! I am always humbled by the generosity of so many people! The picture below is of me with Mammas and Pop Pop (Adam's grandparents). Pop Pop made the cradle that we're standing beside, and it is truly unbelievable. I apologize for all the detail photos that follow, but I'm just so proud of it and in awe of his great talent.

Pop Pop carved each of the "feet" of the cradle by hand, and I know it took for e ver. Thank you SO MUCH Pop Pop!! We LOVE it!!!

Hollee and I have to get belly pictures together. Hollee is carrying triplets and is 23 weeks here. She's steadily gaining on me!!! :) I'm doing all I can to keep up.

From left to right is Kathy (Adam's mom), Grandmommy (Adam's paternal grandmother), and Mammas (Adam's maternal grandmother). I really appreciate them coming!!
Sisters-in-law Crystal and Shanna!!!!

My mom and sister who helped SO MUCH this weekend! It was so nice to have them here!

All of the Spencers and Muns who were able to come. Thanks, guys!!!

This is the chaos after we unloaded everything. It is now all packed away and our apartment is spotless (like it ALWAYS is) but I figured a picture of a clean apartment is boring, right? Kind of a funny story..... as I was carrying several of these bags up from the car, my view was a bit obstructed and a parking curb jumped up and grabbed my foot. I proceded to dive superman style (but with my arms tucked in....MUST save the presents!!) into the concrete. Luckily I was carrying soft things and my belly was shielded....not a scratch on me....but a group of about 5 young Indian men happened to be right there and saw the catastrophe and were SO NICE. I was laughing along with my mom and sister, and those men picked up my yard sale and helped without even a snicker. Yes...mom and Janelle made sure I was ok before they laughed too.

And last but not least, we had our 8 month appt. yesterday and everything looks GREAT! Dr. New could see that our little guy has a little hair already, and I think that's so cute!!! So, that's all for now! More to come......someday. :)