Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

We started our Spring Break week with a trip to Longview and then Mt. Pleasant to visit Luke, Katie, and Norah. Caden and Norah had to get reacquainted after their long absence

Then we headed to Taos, NM with Clint/Rachel, Clay/Mo, and Marty/Cassi. This picture was taken on the way home, and I think Caden is scared a bit by how nasty Adam and I look.

Bronc riding in Lindsey's store

Caden's already got a sense of style. Just look at that hat tilt.

Rachel got Caden and Nolan matching Superman shirts, and we never got a picture with the 2 of them together in them, but at least you can see how cute they WOULD have been together.

LOVE this picture of Rachel and Nolan.

Casper and Adam

I stuffed him in these, and it didn't take him long to protest.

Caden wasn't sure if these were the boots he wanted, so Nolan checked them out for him.

The view from the front yard. Not too shabby!

Adam took a day off from skiing to drive Rachel, Kathy, and I along the Taos high road. It goes through some beautiful scenery and cute little towns.

Caden discovered his shadow.

The last month

Adam and I decided to do something a little different this year for my birthday, so we went to the rock climbing gym in Grapevine. One of the only times I've been glad that my feet turn out to the sides.

A few Caden pics from the last month or so. He looooves to put things in his mouth and then crawl around with them.

He really was pretty happy in this position. He was getting tired, and I guess this felt cozy.

peek-a-boo is a definite favorite

We went up and had lunch with Adam, and Caden wore his scrubs so they could match. They're allllmost too small...but luckily sagging is totally the cool thing to do.

9 month monkey

It was a bit harder to get a stationary monkey picture this time, but I think this was my favorite month yet for pictures.

Caden wanted to make sure the monkey knew this was HIS seat, and mr. monkey better not get out of line.

making sure monkey kept out of his personal space. I think monkey had also eaten garlic.

monkey only suffered minor injuries from the fall

hmmm....suspiciously innocent. monkey doesn't know what's about to hit.