Monday, August 13, 2012

The Newest Spencer!

Someday I'll catch up on the months I've missed, but for now, here's Cora June Spencer!!  She came 1 week late on July 8, weighing in at 7lb 8oz and 21.5 inches long.  It was a good and pretty fast labor, and we were so happy and overjoyed that it went so well and everyone was healthy! 

Caden has love, love, loved his baby sister.
Tate was a bit less cordial at first, but he's warmed up quite nicely!

Wasn't it nice of Grandmother to dress up for Cora's first visit!  :)
Baby Tate.  ;)
Cookie and Slappy got the call at 4:45 am and they hit the road from Nashville!

Our good friends Clint and Sarah had their sweet girl Wiley Rose the day before so these girls spent a little hospital time together.

Cora is very envious of Wiley's hair

going home!!

getting to spend some time with Grandmommy
all thee of our kids have taken some good Slappy naps

check out those muscles!

Getting some good aunt time in (and uncle)  :)

Cora has no chance of being chance at all

My aunt Ruth and Grandma Saunders made a sweet bonnet for Cora.  We thought it would be great to try it on frontwards and backwards.  Cora did not find it as humorous as we did.

I couldn't find Caden one morning. Finally found him cuddled next to Baby Sister singing her some songs.  I LOVE watching my boys with her.

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martha crockett said...

I heard rumors you had had another baby, but now there is confirmation. Congratulations! She's so gorgeous! Kudos on updating your blog. I really enjoy checking in on the excitement from time to time.